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Software Developer at Wspólny Rynek Medyczny sp.z o.o.
From July 2009 to August 2010

As a part of small agile development team, I had been responsible for maintaning the company’s main software product, and developing new features. The technologies used in the process include (among others): XML, XSLT, XQuery, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Apache Lucene, Apache Wicket, Apache Cocoon Page2(ver. 2.1), Exist-DB, Apache Ant, and SVN for source code versioning. Tools used in project included Eclipse, Mylyn and RedMine for defect management. Thanks to efforts of the team I participated in, the company was able to speedup the main software product by a factor of 2 (100% speedup). This allowed the company to stay in the market and gain massive investment from one of major media companies in Poland. We had also successfully implemented SCRUM and TDD, as opposed to earlier “creative chaos”.