Curriculum Vitae

Adam HepnerAs holder of ISTQB Full Advanced certificate, I intend to expand my knowledge and experience in neighboring areas of software development (project management, technical aspects of system operations, devops) before applying for expert level ISTQB certification and ISTQB instructorship. In order to accomplish my goals, I will devote my best knowledge and expertise, as well as rich experience, in service for my customers.

My recent projects had been heavy in conceptual work and test automation, as I was responsible for creating complete quality assurance concept, and configuration of test management and test automation infrastructure, as well as providing test automation templates and coaching other team members in test automation approach and test design techniques. I have come up with complete functional test automation concept based on keyword-driven test tools (Rational Robot), and extended the tool to suit my customer’s need to utilize external tools: SoapUI for SOAP API tests, and SikuliX for flexible and technology-independent UI tests. The test infrastructure I had configured included Jenkins for Continuous Integration and test runs, custom Python deployment scripts, SonarQube for static code analysis, Robot Framework + SikuliX + SoapUI for functional test automation, Git + GitFlow + Gerrit for application and test code reviews. I have also created a custom exploratory testing tool that aided in automatic test session reporting, and ease in defect reporting in JIRA (with most recent steps and screenshots automatically attached to defect description).


Methodologies and Certificates
Testing Activities
Test Automation Tools
Test Support Tools
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Programming Languages and Shell Scripting

Education and Employment Timeline

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